How ARRTON is unique than other e-commerce? How ARRTON made Local Shopping Easy?

ARRTON - Local Shopping Made Easy, with below unique features.

It is open platform (FREE to use)

All types of Local shops in one place

No commission to merchants

Shop’s original price in ARRTON also.

All Local Made products and services available at best price

Natural and healthy products from Homemade businesses

Less cost to customers with reduced expenses to merchant/seller

Saves time to customers by enabling local shops browsing online

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How to add a business to ARRTON?

Required details:

1. Click on "Merchant Signup" link in website. It takes to

2. Fill the details accurately and submit.

These are shown in below video to follow easily.

How to add products/service items for a business?

1. Login to Merchant Administration using

2. Add categories and items manually or add by using Upload Bulk.

We can use Upload Bulk option only at first time when we created store. To do Upload Bulk, fill your products/service details in provided sample format and upload it. Don’t use commas in any fields.

To add products for a simple store which doesn’t collect any taxes, fill Category, Item Name, Price fields. Remaining you can leave empty. 

These are shown in below video to follow easily.

How to publish/unpublish a business?

Login to Merchant Administration panel using and enable/disable publish check box at top of window.

How to give discount for an item?

If you want to give discount on any item, you have to fill discount amount under discount field for that item.

Selling Price = price - discount

How to update products/services prices?

Login to Merchant admin panel, go to Items and click on edit  for the item you want to update price. It gives item details like price..etc. Enter new price and click on save.

Link to Merchant Admin Panel:

How to to add offers on total purchase amount?

If a merchant want to give any special offers like 10% discount on purchases more than 1000 Rs, you can add those under offers in Merchant Administration.

Can we add items names in different Language?

Enter Category Name, Item Name, Item Description in required language using google translator/typing.

For example, 

to add in Telugu language, we can enter Category Name, Item Name, Item Description as below.

Rice, Basmati Rice - 30Kg, బాస్మతి రైస్ - 30 కిలోలు


Rice (రైస్), (Basmati Rice (బాస్మతి రైస్)- 30Kg

You can enter in either way based on how customers feel comfort. Save it in “CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)” format. Normal CSV format won’t save other languages properly.

These are shown in below video to follow easily.

How to change shop open timings ?

It can be done in settings menu in Merchant - Admin login. 

Default Shop Open Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM - Mon to Sat. 

Update these as per your shop open and close hours on every day.

Pre-Orders feature can be enabled which allows customers to order even when shop is closed. 

When merchant opens shop, at that time they can check orders and accept.

How to change shop profile picture and wallpaper ?

It can be done in settings option in Merchant Admin login. 

How ARRTON is beneficial to customers? 

Customers can buy required things easily at their free time without wasting time in busy day hours. 

It also makes easy to customers to find all required things quickly in one place. No need to worry about shopping in new places.

In ARRTON, prices will be same as shop’s price. That saves money to customer without paying more to buy online.

How ARRTON is beneficial to Merchants? 

ARRTON won’t charge commission to Merchants. 

Merchants also saves money with automating manual tasks like typing bill manually. 

Who will provide Delivery?

ARRTON will provide through delivery partners.

How Delivery works in ARRTON apps ?

Delivery flow:

pending (After customer makes order, it will be in this status)

accepted (Merchant should do this through ARRTON-Merchantapp)

acknowledge (delivery agent accepts the assignment in ARRTON-deliveryapp)

started (delivery agent updates once he picks item and starts from merchant)

inprogress (auto update)

Arrived (delivery agent updates in ARRTON-deliveryapp, once he reaches customer)

Successful (delivery agent updates in ARRTON-deliveryapp, once he handover products)

How Pickup option works in ARRTON apps ?

Pickup flow:

pending (After customer makes order, it will be in this status)

accepted (Merchant should do this through ARRTON-Merchantapp)

ready to pick (Merchant should update status through ARRTON-Merchantapp)

picked (Merchant should update status through ARRTON-Merchantapp)

How ARRTON gets money?

From delivery service charges, we pay some amount to delivery partners and with remaining we'll get our margin.

Can customer pickup from shop by ordering online?

Yes. Customers can do that. With that customers can save time and money. We want to give this benifit to customers at FREE of cost to save them from unnecessary wait times at shops/restaurants.

Are there any charges when customer orders online and pickup from store?

No Charges. It is exactly same like customer purchases in shop.

How end customer can make order?

From mobile app or from website.

End Customers Mobile App Link:

How Merchant knows when customer makes an order?

Will receive notification in ARRTON – merchantapp.

Merchant App Link:

Is there any app for delivery person to manage deliveries easily?

Yes. There is ARRTON – deliveryapp

Delivery App Link:

How to Register as a ARRTON delivery agent?

Register in below web link or in delivery mobile app. Once ARRTON approves, login to Delivery mobile app provided above.

When we receive order in near by place, it will be assigned to you and alerts will be sent to delivery app.

Delivery Agent Registration web link:

What vehicles required for delivery agent?

Bike or Small truck.

ARRTON - Local Shopping Made Easy